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Flavia & Klaus Westerwelle
Real Estate Consulting
Agent Referral Center
155 Augusta National Ct
Kiawah Island, South Carolina 29455

Direct: 1-240-813-8472
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Languages: English, German

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Licensed Real Estate Agents in South Carolina since 2005

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50 States

9,158,960 qkm Land area
470,131 qkm Water

9,629,091 qkm area

19,924 km coastline

Highest elevation:
Mount McKinley 6,194 m

Lowest point:
Death Valley -86 m

Population density:
79,6 Einwohner per sqm

291,960,406 Residents in August 2003

Population growth o.9 %

Expectancy of life
Men 74.37 years / Women 80.05 years

Unemployment rate 6.2% in July 2003

56% Evangelic, 28% Catholic, 2% Jewish,
4% other, 10% no religion

Languages: English, Spanish

33 Million / 11.5 %
US residents are born in a foreign country

Foreign born residents originate from:
52 % Latin-America
26 % Asia
14 % Europe
8 % other regions, like Africa or Oceania

A large proportion of foreign born residents are living in these four states:
28 % in California
11,8 % in New York
9,8 % in Texas
8,9 % in Florida

25 % of the US population has German ancestors

78.2 Million men and
68.4 Million women have been in employment in July 2003

Average annual earnings in 2003
$ 38 275 / men
$ 29 215 / women

29 % of the employees worked more than 40 hours a week
29 % had a flexible work schedule or worked shifts
5 % worked more than one job
3 % worked night shifts
14 % were member of a union


U.S.Census Bureau /2003

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Important to know !

Did you know, that in most states:
- the agent who lists a property is legally obligated to represent the interests of the seller only?
- you are entitled to work with your own real estate agent who solely represents your interests?
- without having a written contract with your buyers agent, your own interests are not represented?
- if you don't have a written contract with your buyers agent, the buyers agent is still legally obligated to represent the interests of the seller?
- a buyers agent does not receive his commission from the purchaser? (with few exceptions)
- we will consult & support you for free when buying or selling your real estate?
- we will happily answer your questions for free regarding your real estate needs?

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